CANDWAX Rose Taper Candles
CANDWAX Rose Taper Candles

CANDWAX Rose Taper Candles

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Handcrafted. Dripless. Unscented.

Taper candles could become a perfect accessory in your house accenting every moment of your life. Make your everyday rituals such as dining, bathing, and others more spiritual and relaxing! Different colors and sizes of tapered candles are available in our store and ready for shipment right to your place!

  • LONG BURN TIME —  Enjoy long hours of burning (up to 10 hours)! *depends on the size
  • HANDCRAFTED — Made with love and care only with our own hands!
  • NO WAX MARKS — Candles do not drip and leave wax marks.
  • FRAGRANCE-FREE — Perfectly suitable for highly allergic people.
  • SMOKELESS — No signs of soot in your house.

Hours of burning info:

  • 8" size - 6 hours
  • 10" size - 8 hours
  • 12" size - 10 hours