CANDWAX Red Matte Taper Candles 10"

CANDWAX Red Matte Taper Candles 10"

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Unusual Candles for Unusual Occasions

Check out our new Matte Collection! New candles would please you with incredible glitter colors and matte textures and will make your special moments more special!

For our new candles, we use assorted high-quality paraffin wax from reliable suppliers.
The paraffin wax is hypoallergic, smokeless, and dripless.

We used only non-toxic ingredients to make multicolor taper candles and to achieve a magnificent sparkling effect.

LONG BURN TIME — Enjoy long hours of burning (up to 7 hours)!
HANDCRAFTED — Made with love and care by professional craftsmen!
NO WAX MARKS — Candles do not drip and do not leave wax marks.
FRAGRANCE-FREE — Suitable for highly allergic people.
SMOKELESS — No signs of soot in your house.

Candles size: 10 inch